Accounting service:

  • Per paper

Minimum 0,85 EUR per documents, with defined minimum price.

  • Per % of revenue

Our long term goal is client who grows permanently. We can make agreement to pay our service through % of revenue. In that case for each consulting service the discount will be 50%.

For another services the prices are:

Consulting hour-20 EUR

  • Registration limited liability company, NGO, or another organization-minimum 150 EUR
  • Registration another changing in existing subjects-minimum 50 EUR
  • Registration process for enterpreuner-minimum 50 EUR
  • Registration another changing for enterpreuner-minimum 40 EUR
  • Liquidition limited liability company-law, finance, tax aspect-minimum 350 EUR
  • Deleting enterpreuner-minimum 150 EUR
  • Virtual office service-minimum 70 EUR
  • Preparing trial balance for loan application in front of the commercial bank-1/2 of monthly accoutning fee
  • Preparing annual reports-2/3 of monthly accounting fee
  • Tax application for physical person-minimum 25 EUR
  • Registration and termination process on insurance, plus health cards-2,5 EUR per person, over 100 will be negotiable
  • Payroll service-5 EUR up to 10, 4,5 up to 100+ for maternity leave and sick leave will be add 2 EUR-for more than 100 will be negotiable price
  • Preparing documentation for tax refund in accordance with tax law(5% of requested amount, not lower than 5 EUR per employee per period)
  • Issuing confirmation-1 EUR per confirmation
  • Opening and closing bank account -10 EUR per bank account
  • Realization payment order -1 EUR per order
  • Tax confirmation about taxes and contributions-10 EUR per confirmation
  • Filling statistical reports-10 EUR per report

For another service partners will make agreement about price.